Month: October 2015

Why I Love Michiana: Juan Ganum

Currently the Bridgman city manager, Juan Ganum spent 17 years working as the community development director in Niles. A native of Detroit and a Michigan State alum, Juan moved to Michiana two decades ago. Today, he resides in St. Joseph and enjoys spending time in big cities and having picnics […]

A new way to brunch

The buzzing electronic jingles of thousands of different slot machines. The jangling of small metal tokens from the jugs of change carried by the men and women walking around the building. The sounds of banter between people seated at the blackjack table. As anyone who has visited the New Buffalo […]

Personalize your pigskin party

In our household, the word “fall” goes hand in hand with the word “football.” Our weekends are packed with time spent watching football, which usually constitutes football parties — and no football party is complete without cornhole. We, like so many other Michiana families, are what many call “a divided […]

Life in color

If Anna Ryan Drew gets a good idea for a painting in the middle of the night, she springs out of bed, runs into her studio, hastily slams her hands against the wall to find the light switch, turns her music all the way up and starts in, a brush […]

Home sweet work

GRANGER, Ind. — When it comes to designing apparel and gifts for customers across the nation, Courtney [Bock] Schultz feels right at home. Largely because … well, she is at home. Like many creative individuals in the era of mobile connection and social networks, Courtney has focused her talents through […]

Life on Diamond Lake

Far removed from the metropolises of South Bend and Mishawaka or the busy shores of St. Joseph and New Buffalo, the humble streets and rolling fields that comprise the lands surrounding the village of Cassopolis paint a picture of idyllic rural living on Diamond Lake. Hidden behind the acres of […]

Bringing Hollywood home to South Bend

On a wall in South Bend’s John Adams High School, a row of faded photographs highlighting athletic accomplishments leads the way to the school’s gymnasium. In one photo, a 15-year-old freshman smiles proudly, the youngest on a team of varsity athletes who had just won the 1986 Indiana softball sectional. […]

The truth about smoothies

Who hasn’t heard the saying, “Drink your greens, purples and reds?” They are creamy, cold, sweet, healthy and delicious — all fitting in the palm of your hand. It’s a whole meal and a grab-to-go snack. You’ll see them at the office, the health club, food markets and even children’s […]